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Our Approach

We want to make it very clear that our approach is to offer the premium products available and make our consumer the most satisfied they can be.

We want that our clients benefit from the best services available from our company, we are working hard to make this happens.

We are consistently ranked as one of the best online shopping destinations for exporting premium beverages from Canada to our clients at the other country.

Crush Junkies inc. is based in Alberta, Canada. We offer you the best services and products that you can find on the internet. Many costumers always says we are the fastest company that ship under 1 to 6 hours, we take really care of our clients. All our products are stored in a dry environment and we make sure that we will not hold any kind of products that are expired or close to be. Make sure that we always keep a large amount of our famous cream soda in our storehouse. We will never run out of stock on this great product.

Thanks for making business with us.

The Crush Junkies teams.

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